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Reset, Covet and The Slash and Burn!


While some are just getting started in life, others are starting over. The do-over or reset can be a homerun if positioned for success!

Spiritual guidance, support, balance and mindset are contributing factors to starting over successfully.

I recently had a journey that looks like starting over. I began, at the end of my old life, by identifying my blessings - coveting them - and then slashing and burning the rest. If you aren't familiar with the term, slash and burn sounds brutal. Allow me to elaborate...its an agricultural term.

Slash and burn agriculture is a widely used method of growing food in which wild or forested land is clear cut and any remaining vegetation burned. The resulting layer of ash provides the newly-cleared land with a nutrient-rich layer to help fertilize crops. Pretty intense concept while effective in smaller applications.

Bottom line. Make room in your mind, heart and soul for your new life - #wpf - while coveting existing blessings. Find your spiritual guidance, whatever that may look like, and then focus on what's in front of you, one thoughtful step at a time.

Starting Over Tips

  • Find spiritual (whatever that may mean to you) #cbglades
  • Define balance in simple terms
  • Embrace change
  • Ponder, reflect and learn; covet blessings and knowledge; slash and burn the balance
  • Be mindful of self and your relationships
  • Identify patterns - are they healthy or self-destructive?
  • Know where you stand and stand firm
  • Make plans to take over the world!
  • One day at a time and keep marching
  • Have integrity; circumstance + character = Your Life
  • Stay active; exercise, eat healthy and respect your body

In closing. My suggestions, on the surface, may look a little different than some so "eat the meat and spit out the bones," and get to it! Your time is now; your new life is now! Trust yourself, stick to your plan(s) and get going. Whatever you do, don't - do not under any circumstances - look in the rearview mirror while traveling forward for you'll crash #dontlookback