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Job Seeker Series - Sales Development Representative


As a recruiter or "Career Shepherd," making a call to an applicant to offer them a job is without question the best part of my day! Unfortunately, I also have to make the other calls, such as, "you're not qualified" or "sorry, they chose another candidate."

Worse, I place someone and it doesn't work out.

This article is all about the best part of my job, giving job offers and being successful in a new Sales Development Role (SDR) role!

Humble and hungry is who you are so I'll focus on career success details as an SDR, and with that, this post is the first in my Career Shepherd Series. For the purpose of this article, I'm focused on the software/SaaS space but most of this translates to any inside sales or SDR role.

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SDR's, AE's and Client Success. The SDR is an entry level position and will generate buying demand for a company's SaaS products from prospective clients. SDR’s support and work alongside their Account Executive (AE) counterparts. While SDR’s drive and manage the prospecting pipeline, AE’s are closing qualified prospects uncovered and activated by SDR's. Working together, quotas are crushed, the business grows and SDR's get promoted. Once a new client subscribes they are generally handed-off to an account management function typically referred to as Client Success.

On the East or West coast, top-performing software SDR's earn between $65-93,000.00 annually and promote into an AE role within 2-3 years on average. Top performing software AE's earn $200-400,000.00++ annually! Want to be an AE? Work as an SDR for a good company - #crushit - and the AE role is yours for the taking! We define a good company as one with great products, sensible sales methodologies and refined, motivated sales leaders.

Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service
— Brian Tracy

SDR Job Responsibilities

SDR’s prospect new sales opportunities through inbound lead follow-up and outbound cold calls, emails, and socially; snail mail is as viable as ever! The goal is to engage with prospects, understand their needs and requirements - introduce your solutions - and then schedule interested/qualified prospects to the appropriate AE for further development and closure.

  • Research - learn. Learn and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the company's products or technology and be prepared to clearly articulate capabilities and advantages to prospective customers
  • Research - learn. Using various sources, identify key contacts and associated contact information. Enter the same into your CRM
  • Qualify all sales leads based upon specific lead qualification criteria definitions
  • Aggressive cold-caller. Prospect into multiple organizations via cold-calling, networking, e-mail/e-marketing while leveraging information sources
  • Develop superior customer service relationship with your prospects
  • Talk with prospects. With each contact, articulate the company's value proposition to decision-makers to assess buying interest. Set appointments for detailed conversations
  • Discovery. The more you learn about your client's environment, challenges and opportunities the better you will position your product demo. So this is the part of the process where you ask lots of open-ended, relevant questions, listen and take notes. Successful SDR's come away from these conversations knowing who is in the buying window, and who's not #qualify
  • Demo. Armed with the right insights, give prospects a smartly positioned product demo - creating the demand - and schedule interested prospects with your AE(s)

In closing. Stay humble and hungry. Be consistent. Always learning. Success is sure to follow!

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time
— Thomas Edison

Closing Comments

Poise can introduce you to a great career opportunity. And together we can determine if you're the right fit before investing valuable time into interviewing, but at day's end, sales occupations give back what you put into them. So work hard my friend.

Hard work *always accomplishes something! At the very least you'll access learning and wisdom, which is invaluable! Maybe you'll build a business or movement; perhaps your hard work changes the lives of millions! Hard work will always get results!

“Some people dream of success…while others wake up and work hard at it.”

Laziness doesn’t result in anything but wasted time and resources. Do you want to see something happen - want to capture your dreams or make a difference? Work hard! I like the way Abraham Lincoln put it “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

SDR's. How is your SDR career unfolding, are you succeeding? Keep an eye on our jobs page for SDR openings in city near you!

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another
— Charles Dickens

Sales leaders. Are you happy with your sales operation? How would better team members or a tuned-up sales process benefit your goals? I can help you be more successful with better working interview strategies, a better pipeline of candidate prospects to choose from and a tuned-up sales process! Call me: 844-764-7346 | Schedule a meeting with me