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Show Me The Money!

What are you Worth?

When we want to buy or sell a car or house, we use tools like Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader or a Real Estate Agent to determine fair market value. Doing the same positions us for a fair deal versus getting taken advantage of.

Unless you're a trust-fund baby or well-supported adult child still under mom and dad's wings, in order to buy that car or house, you'll need a career and a salary. While Employers of Choice will take steps to ensure proper compensation packages, you need to be sure - right?

My wallet is like an onion, opening it makes me cry
— Unknown

So how do you determine the compensation range for your position and are you earning average money or above average money? What about vacation packages, health and retirement benefits, commissions or bonuses - are you getting a good deal or the short end of the stick?

  • What are you worth in the market place?
  • What should your benefits look like?
  • How much holiday pay should you receive?
  • What about equity packages, commissions and bonuses?

We want to make sure you get paid what you’re worth. Ask for too little, and employers might think you’re not as capable as you say you are. Ask for too much, and you can eliminate yourself from contention before you even get an interview.

Poise represented candidates will not only be well advised on the aforementioned and more, but we will negotiate the right compensation package on your behalf - but what about your next performance review?

Consider these facts:
• Only 42% of professionals in the U.S. are comfortable negotiating salary.
• 46% of men “always” negotiate salary, but only 30% of women do so.
• On average, only 38% of millennials negotiated their first offers.
• If you don’t negotiate, you stand to lose $500,000, or more, by the time you’re 60! #wtf

There are a number of compensation analysis tools that can help you start figuring
out what salary you should be asking for, including Payscale.com, Salary.com, and

Now that you have the data - how do you read it and how do you leverage it during compensation negotiations? Poise can help you understand your market value and how to use those insights to negotiate the right compensation package.

Schedule a Career Consultation with your Poise Talent Acquisition | Sales Enablement Consultant and get the details!