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Avoiding #### Employers

Forget Something?

Starting in college via career-services experiences we are constantly honing our skills around interviewing and making a great impression so we can "get the offer and then decide if we want to accept it." So we research, prepare and rehearse which pays off as the job offers are sure to roll-in, but which do we accept and why? Are we well-informed enough to make decisions?

It's important to remind job-seekers that they are there to ask questions and interview too! Afterall, well prepared, qualified candidates will almost always get the offer but that doesn't mean it's the right fit.

When managed correctly, interviewees-interviewing-interviewers (gulp) will confirm your strength as a candidate. And the interview, the one you so tirelessly prepared for, is your best opportunity to find out if you want to work with said employer/boss.

Bad boss? Fire him. When you’re interviewing for a job, you’re job is to interview them. You are an equal
— Richie Norton

 Avoiding #### Employers

Avoiding #### Employers

Before the Interview Begins

  • Google search for lawsuits or other red-flags so you can inquire for details
  • Glassdoor rating. 3.5 or better?
  • The Muse can be a good place to learn more...
  • Your social network. Who do you know that's a current or former employee? Reach out and get insights

Careful for negative information found online as it's sometimes a current or former *disgruntled employee that's nothing more than a butt-hurt slacker

Interviewing Employers Achieves

  • Significantly supports fit - are they the right match? Consider your cultural preferences, career goals and and working style when listening to responses
  • Helps identify humility. When interviewing employers, listen and look for humility. Humble people are easy to work with, adapt quickly and share the most
  • Ensures they don't have any reservations about your candidacy via in-depth, thoughtful responses
  • Demonstrates your interest and strength as a candidate; desperate candidates don't interview employers

Questions you Want to Consider

  • What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate? This is a personal favorite as hiring managers will need to put their cards face up on the table to sincerely respond
  • What is the single biggest challenge facing your team and how might I help solve that problem? This shows your interest in understanding challenges, direction and goals
  • What have you most enjoyed about working here? Interviewers will need to connect with you on a more personal level to sincerely respond; keep an eye out for shallow, bull#### responses
  • What constitutes success? This question shows your commitment to success and responses will show you how to get ahead if you accept the offer
  • What is the company's mission and vision? This will tell you a lot about how senior leadership sets tone and direction; cohesive, clear and strong or undefined?
  • How do you define and measure success? Thoughtful answers indicate mature leadership and clear direction
  • What is the average tenure of an employee here? This says a *lot. Good tenure is 3-5 years for full time employees
  • What is the next step in the interviewing process? Especially important for sales professionals. This insight is kinda like knowing when Santa might arrive if you really want the job!

Good questions are the best way to demonstrate that you understand the company’s challenges while emphasizing how you can help meet those challenges. Moreover, asking questions helps you determine if you want the offer.
— Dane Grove, Director Poise Inc

What questions do you like to ask and what did responses tell you? We'd love to hear from you!