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Ride Along Sales Interview

Enjoy the Ride

Your ride along is the perfect opportunity to learn if the job for which you’re interviewing is the right job for you. It also gives your prospective employer insight into a few things about you… so BE CAREFUL! Even though this is not a formal interview, you’re still being interviewed. You don’t have the job yet and could shoot yourself in the foot if you aren’t careful.

Although the rep you’re spending the day with probably isn’t part of the management team, you’re with him or her because A) they’ll be a good example of the company and job for you, B) they’re perceptive and can help evaluate your fit for the position, and C) they’re trusted to give honest feedback.

You’ll want to be respectful of your host by keeping your conversations on topic. Small talk here and there is fine, but avoid subjects that will raise any eyebrows or would potentially reveal EEOC status. For a refresher, these include: race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, genetic information, disability, or veteran status.

Make the most of your time by asking relevant questions—prepare them ahead of time. You’ll want to learn about the company culture, commission plan, management philosophy, industry competitors, their training program, and advice for being a successful employee at their company.

Be observant. If you're asked to role play, you can impress them by using similar phrases and tactics that you saw in the field.

But, relax. Coming across as intense or no sense of humor makes it difficult to connect. Relax, smile, and enjoy the ride!

Joe Baker | Director, Sales Recruiting | joe@poiseinc.com | P: 216-239-8867

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