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We position clients to increase revenues and better manage returns! We place top-performing sales professionals and prudent accountants. Sales enablement solutions.


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Lennox International
Sabre Holdings
Capital One
Ebsco industries
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Good service is good business.
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Working With Us

Our focus is you and our goal is to understand your needs and improve your position.

We provide company clients with talent acquisition and sales enablement solutions. While our talent services spin around sales and sales enablement, you'll love how we support technical functions like IT and finance! Exploring ways to improve your team or sales success? Give us a call and let us help!

We provide candidate clients with access to better opportunity - Employers of Choice - and top-notch career coaching.

When you choose a boutique agency like Poise, you get distinct advantages over what you’d get from a larger, less personal company. We are experienced, quality oriented and easy to work with. We aren't here to talk about us - we are here to learn about you.


  • Your career. Successful, hard-working professionals rely on us to improve their career path with better opportunity. We focus on the right career alignment, proper compensation, limitless career growth, improved work-life balance while introducing you to employers with winning cultures and humble, hardworking leaders
  • Sales success. Growing or perhaps not growing fast enough? We can help by recruiting and placing top-notch sales professionals and boost your sales operation
  • Speaking of sales operations. Have a great sales team - just need some tuning up? Check out our sales enablement solutions
  • Corporate finance. We want to help you better manage your AP/AR and GL by providing top-finance talent
  • Technology! Your IT leaders will love our industry-leading, low-markups for consulting talent
  • Knowledge. We know our talent and employer markets
  • Extended reach. Let's face it - finding great managers to work for, or great employees to hire goes far beyond job postings and LinkedIn profiles. We have excellent networks to leverage on your behalf
  • Assist you with your employer brand. What's keeping you from hiring top-performers? We can do a lot in a short time period to better access top talent
  • You'll love the ROI we bring

We’ve been in business for 10+ years, our work is fully guaranteed and we can't wait to get started on your behalf! Contact us to learn more!

 No one will work harder on your behalf than Poise Inc

No one will work harder on your behalf than Poise Inc